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Surface Grinder Attachment for Origin Blade Maker belt grinders – for skilled knife, axe & sword makers who understand the set up & workings of a surface grinder. Please see full specs under 'Features' tab below. Please note that you will receive exactly what's shown in the pictures; you will need an Origin Blade Maker 2×72 belt ...

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Clausing Service Center. Phone: 800-535-6553 Fax: 269-342-7888

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Installing a belt grinder attachment to a Tormach surface grinder. Normally surface grinders use grinding wheels. In this video bladesmith Walter Sorrells ...

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My Jancy RadiusMaster, a 2" x 48" belt grinder, is about 3600 sfm, that removes large amounts of metal, incredibly quick (and if careless, the end of fingers, finger nails and knuckles down to the bone, in an instant). There is times I wish the speed was higher, but I've never had any desire to slow it down.

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However, and especially on a surface grinder unlike on a mill or lathe, one seldom needs accurate long travel. The incremental accuracy of the scales is quite good, probably in the 1-2 micron range. So if I need to take 5 microns from a part I am really limited by the overall accuracy of the machine which is likely about 2 microns as well.

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A buddy had a surface grinder he changed to belts and it worked really good. Several folks have changed to belts with good results. By nature of a belt I think 1/2 a thou (.0005") is a good result.

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Strap On Surface Grinder. (19) $1,068.34. Using your tooling armholes, the attachment affixes to the machine and includes a 5" contact wheel. Your belt runs around the wheel and below is the magnetic chuck, sliding back and forth on roller bearings. The depth of cut is adjusted by turning the adjustment knob at the bottom.

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BAILEIGH BG-379 Abrasive Belt Grinder. BAILEIGH BG-679 Abrasive Belt Grinder. jet J-4200A Industrial Belt & Disc Finishing Machine. jet J-4210K 6 x 48 Belt & 10" Disc Sander. jet J-4300A 6x48 Industrial Belt Machine. BALEIGH DBG-106 Combination Disc and Belt Grinder. jet J-4421-2 20" Disc Sander.

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Oct 17, 2010. 2,424. You're not going to find any surface grinders that run belts, that weren't converted by knifemakers. Industry doesn't convert them for a reason, it mitigates the primary advantage of a surface grinder, making things flat and parallel.

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About products and suppliers: surface grinding belt grinder and their uses for a plethora of purposes whether commercial or heavy industrial are truly inevitable. At Alibaba.com, you can take care of your metalworking business by selecting the right sets of surface grinding belt grinder ready to do it for you.surface grinding belt grinder put up on the site are deft in …

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84 Engineering Surface Grinder Attachment (SOSG) for 2x72", 2x48" Belt Grinders etc - accurate and consistent thickness and grind a flat or tapered surface of a workpiece. Flatten steel and handle scales, distal tapers and tapering tangs on blades, descaling forged or heat treated steel, Damascus. Shortcut hand sanding

Beaumont Metal Works Surface Grinder Attachment

This Surface Grinder Attachment includes the mounting plate and fasteners which attach to the tool arms of either a classic KMG or a KMG-TX 2×72 belt grinder. Beaumont's Surface Grinder Attachment enables the KMG or KMG-TX to deliver more accurate material removal, improved flatness of workpieces, more controlled surface finishing and scale removal, enhanced …

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It's still a surface grinder meant to function like a surface grinder - just that now it's using a belt and not a "stone" wheel. Even these rubber wheels need to be dressed from time to time and I do that with an end mill in a holder I made. Belts are not "true", which is one of the reasons to use the machine as a surface grinder moving across ...


The surface belt grinding machine, BS 200, takes on special significance in the BS series with the planar grinding disc mounting, ALP 300. On the one side, a surface belt grinding machine BS 200 with its standard options; on the other side a 300 mm diameter aluminium planar disc with a tilting (-10 to +45°), end-to-end support table.

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Each TW-90 and Surface Grinder is designed meet master bladesmiths requirements. Buy 2022 Hammer In TIckets. 2022 Hammer-In Ticket $ 200.00 Add to cart; FREE YOUR INNER BLADESMITH. TW-90 Grinder. The TW-90 is built from the ground up for knife makers and master bladesmiths. The TW90 is a combination grinder that can be easily switched between ...

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Our Surface Grinder is designed to work on all our Grinders that accept a 1.5 x 1.5-inch Aluminum as well as Steel tooling arm. Features: 12″ long base with 3 quick-release magnetic mounts (upgradable to 6 total magnetic mounts).

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Metal Surface Grinders. Metal surface grinders are an important part of any metalworking shop. Surface grinding machines are designed to produce a smooth, flat finish on the metal. These machines can be used for either rough or precision grinding, and they come in a variety of sizes to suit many different needs.

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Abrasive belt grinders and sanders come in a variety of different sizes for deburring, shaping, sanding, polishing, grinding, sharpening, cleaning, and de-scaling metal. The right size of belt and contact wheel is key for achieving proper contact to your part, while grinding to the desired radius.

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Surface Grinder With Quick Release Magnetic Base – 3 Set. Quick View. Belt Grinder - Built It Yourself Select Options $ 83.00. Wheel Set, 4″ Drive, 3″ Tracking, and 2″ Idlers. Chose Your Bore Size. Quick View. Belt Grinder - Built It Yourself Select Options $ 96.00.

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Description. These are the workshop machinery plans of the Acto 250 Surface Grinder. This one is a very useful machine much needed in any workshop. It has a 250 mm X 150 mm capacity which should cover the bulk of the work in a small workshop. The downslide & the cross slide travel on cast iron dovetails machined from readily available cast iron ...

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Belt Grinder 2×72″ Surface Grinder Attachment. $ 925.00. Add to cart Details. Close product quick view ×. Title.

4HP Industrial 8.5" Surface Radius Belt Grinder Sander 2000x

4HP Industrial 8.5 Surface Radius Belt Grinder Sander 2000x220 mm 3300-RPM 3-Phase 220V -Brand New 8.5 x 78.75 Surface Radius Belt Grinder Mot

Belt Grinder 2×72″ Surface Grinder ... - Origin Blade Maker

Belt Grinder 2×72″ Surface Grinder Attachment $ 925.00 Surface Grinder for Origin Blade Maker & many other 2×72″ belt grinders Surface Grinder Attachment for Origin Blade Maker belt grinders – for skilled knife, axe & sword makers who understand the set up & workings of a surface grinder. Please see full specs under 'Features' tab below

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I have hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours standing in front of a surface grinder as a toolmaker and thought "no way" Switching to a belt was a hard thing for me to do, because as a machinist, it's just wrong. Wrong I tell you. But, here I am now, with a belt, taking off .010" in 1 pass, with almost zero heat build up !! No heat !

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Manual Surface Grinders. A Line of Precision Low-Cost, High Performance Manual Surface Grinders. CSG818H - Clausing Manual Precision Surface Grinder, 8" x 18" Table Size, with Manual X, Y, Z Travel. Features & Specifications. CSG618H - Clausing Manual Precision Surface Grinder, 6" x 18" Table Size, with Manual X, Y, Z Travel.

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A surface grinder is a precision machine that allows the operator to grind a part down to the tenths. The wheel is dressed to be parrallel with the chuck and with proper selection of wheel it will not wear from one end of part to the other. A …

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Kalamazoo Industries Inc Industrial Belt Grinders. The high surface speed allows for quick metal removal with less heat so you can safely work with your metal and affecting the material integrity. The contact wheels are good for aggressive grinding and low heat. We offer a full range of belt widths and lengths from 2″ up to 6″ in width ...

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Belt Grinder Surface System Kit WITHOUT WHEELS TRMAKERUSA 5 out of 5 stars (52) $ 499.00. Add to Favorites More colors 2x72 belt grinder tool rest, grinder tool rest, knife maker grinder rest KilbournExchange 5 out of 5 stars (32) $ 40.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites ...

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DIY surface belt grinder. Thread starter Natlek; Start date Mar 26, 2021; 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Next Last. N. Natlek. Joined Jun 9, 2015 Messages 5,033. Mar 26, 2021 #1 It s time to say again.....this is the last grinder i will make ... Plan is this .....I will make/use belt grinder / 2x42 belt /for feeding, one set of this linear ...

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DIY surface belt grinder. Thread starter Natlek; Start date Mar 26, 2021; Prev. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Go. N. Natlek. Joined Jun 9, 2015 Messages 5,027. ... Nice thread as usual.. I don't know much about the art of grinders, but I do know you do beautiful grinds! Reactions: Natlek. N. Natlek. Joined Jun 9, 2015 Messages 5,027. Oct ...

Old Brown and Sharpe #2 surface grinder belts?

I have an old (new to me) B&S #2 surface grinder missing the table drive belt. This belt according to some old manuals needs to be in a figure 8. So the questions... 1. Can you splice a belt that is going to be used like this, as to thread an endless would require serious machine disassembly? 2.

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Surface Grinding Attachment. 1,125.00. Included: Complete Surface Grinding Attachment for use on AmeriBrade Grinders (Classic or Fastback) 4" Diameter x 2.5" wide rubber contact wheel (approximate durometer: 90-95) 2" square Accessory arm for use on AmeriBrade Grinders only (Classic or Fastback) Dial Indicator.

Best high precision small surface grinder?

The average size job I would run on the surface grinder will not have a dimension larger than 3 inches / 75 mm. However, I am looking for consistent accuracy of 0.0004 in / 0.01 mm. The main job for the grinder would be to surface grind rails for the aperture of a movie camera (where the film runs and is exposed).

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Belt Sander / Grinder/ 2"x72" part 1 Build the Frame . Turning a dial gradually lowers the sander towards the surface. Diy belt sander sanding frame. A frame reduces the chance that you'll gouge a depression in the wood surface you're sanding with a belt sander. How to build a surface sander. Not so, as it seems i still need a stationary belt ...

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Surface Grinder found in: Burr King 2 x 72 inch Variable Speed 24 inch Surface Grinder Deluxe Package, Grit GXC Centerless Grinding Attachment for GX75 Grinder, Ellis 6000, 2-1/2 x 60 inch Belt Grinder, Fein WPO14-25E Professional..

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Quick Summary. The optimal speed for belt grinders is largely dependent on a number of factors, including type of abrasive grain, grit grade, workpiece material, and more. Generally speaking, a safe speed in most cases is 3,000 surface feet per minute. You can calculate surface feet per minute using the formula SFPM = RPM X .262 X Tool Diameter.